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Immune Responses to Cancer

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Galon, J., A. Costes, F. Sanchez-Cabo, et al., 2006. Type, Density, and Location of Immune Cells Within Human Colorectal Tumors Predict Clinical Outcome. Science 313, 1960–1964.

Shankaran, V., H. Ikeda, A.T. Bruce, et al., 2001. IFNγ and Lymphocytes Prevent Primary Tumour Development and Shape Tumour Immunogenicity. Nature 410, 1107–1111.


The Physical Basis of Cell Motility I

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Theriot, J.A., and T.J. Mitchison, 1991. Actin Microfilament Dynamics in Locomoting Cells. Nature 352, 126–131.

Ponti, A., M. Machacek, S.L. Gupton, et al., 2004. Two Distinct Actin Networks Drive the Protrusion of Migrating Cells. Science 305, 1782–1786.


The Physical Basis of Cell Motility II

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Houk, A.R., A. Jilkine, C.O. Mejean, et al., 2012. Membrane Tension Maintains Cell Polarity by Confining Signals to the Leading Edge during Neutrophil Migration. Cell 148, 175–188.

Aratyn-Schaus, Y., and M.L. Gardel, 2010. Transient Frictional Slip between Integrin and the ECM in Focal Adhesions under Myosin II Tension. Current Biology 20, 1145–1153.


Specialized Adhesions Formed by Immune Cells

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Dustin, M.L., S.K. Bromley, Z. Kan, et al., 1997. Antigen Receptor Engagement Delivers a Stop Signal to Migrating T Lymphocytes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94, 3909–3913.

Schlickum, S., H. Sennefelder, M. Friedrich, et al., 2008. Integrin αE(CD103)β7 Influences Cellular Shape and Motility in a Ligand-Dependent Fashion. Blood 112, 619–625.


Modes of Cell Migration in and out of Confinement

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Friedl, P., F. Entschladen, C. Conrad, et al., 1998. CD4+ T Lymphocytes Migrating in Three-Dimensional Collagen Lattices Lack Focal Adhesions and Utilize Beta1 Integrin-Independent Strategies for Polarization, Interaction with Collagen Fibers and Locomotion. Eur J Immunol 28, 2331–2343.

Liu, Y.-J., M. Le Berre, F. Lautenschlaeger, et al., 2015. Confinement and Low Adhesion Induce Fast Amoeboid Migration of Slow Mesenchymal Cells. Cell 160, 659–672.


Guest Lecture: Jeff Kuhn, Director of the Microscopy Core Facility at the Koch Institute

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Signals that Guide Immune Cell Motility

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Tweedy, L., P.A. Thomason, P.I. Paschke, et al., 2020. Seeing Around Corners: Cells Solve Mazes and Respond at a Distance Using Attractant Breakdown. Science 369, Issue 6507.

Schumann, K., T. Lämmermann, M. Bruckner, et al., 2010. Immobilized Chemokine Fields and Soluble Chemokine Gradients Cooperatively Shape Migration Patterns of Dendritic Cells. Immunity 32, 703–713.


Integrating Start and Stop Signals in Immune Cells

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Hons, M., A. Kopf, R. Hauschild, et al., 2018. Chemokines and Integrins Independently Tune Actin Flow and Substrate Friction During Intranodal Migration of T Cells. Nature Immunology 19, 606–616.

Vargas, P., P. Maiuri, M. Bretou, et al., 2016. Innate Control of Actin Nucleation Determines Two Distinct Migration Behaviours in Dendritic Cells. Nature Cell Biology 18, 43–53.


Making Decisions

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Renkawitz, J., A. Kopf, J. Stopp, et al., 2019. Nuclear Positioning Facilitates Amoeboid Migration Along the Path of Least Resistance. Nature 568, 546–550.

Gérard, A., G. Patino-Lopez, P. Beemiller, et al., 2014. Detection of Rare Antigen-Presenting Cells Through T Cell-Intrinsic Meandering Motility, Mediated by Myo1g. Cell 158, 492–505.


Migration in Immune and Nonimmune Tissues

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Bajénoff, M., J.G. Egen, L.Y. Koo, et al., 2006. Stromal Cell Networks Regulate Lymphocyte Entry, Migration, and Territoriality in Lymph Nodes. Immunity 25, 989–1001.

Engelhardt, J.J., B. Boldajipour, P. Beemiller, et al., 2012. Marginating Dendritic Cells of the Tumor Microenvironment Cross-Present Tumor Antigens and Stably Engage Tumor-Specific T Cells. Cancer Cell 21, 402–417.


Cytoskeletal Regulation of Immune Cell Functions

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Comrie, W.A., S. Li, S. Boyle, et al., 2015. The Dendritic Cell Cytoskeleton Promotes T Cell Adhesion and Activation by Constraining ICAM-1 Mobility. Journal of Cell Biology 208, 457–473.

Basu, R., B.M. Whitlock, J. Husson, et al., 2016. Cytotoxic T Cells Use Mechanical Force to Potentiate Target Cell Killing. Cell 165, 100–110.


Oral Presentations and Wrap-Up

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