7.391 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Concept-Centered Teaching

Study Materials

Biochemistry Molecules and Shapes, Shape Game Exercise and Key (PDF)

Participants enrolled in the class each led discussion sections for students taking introductory biology. The discussion leaders were asked to keep track of topics that were difficult for their students. All of the notes were compiled to provide future discussion leaders a list of misconceptions commonly encountered by students taking introductory biology. This list provides class participants a unique look at the problems they may need to address in their respective discussion sections.

Concept-Centered Teaching Misconceptions List (PDF)

Selected Transcripts and Notes

Session #2

Presentations by Guest Speaker, Dr. Howard Everson. (Slides courtesy of Dr. Howard Everson. Used with permission.)

Preliminary Recommendations from the AP Biology Redesign Panel (PDF)
Meaningful Assessment in AP Biology: Testing in the Service of Learning (PDF)
Discussion Notes (PDF)

Session #8

Guest Speaker Dr. Michelle Mischke, Discussion Notes (PDF)

Session #11

Guest Speaker Dr. Kate Bacon Schneider, Discussion Notes (PDF)

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