Each partnership of two students will carry out 9 experiments. Complete instructions for building and testing all of the experiments can be found in the experiment manual. All necessary materials can be acquired from an online electronics supply source.

Experiment Manual

In One File (PDF - 5.4 MB)

By Chapters

About the Experiments (PDF)

Experiment ES - Estimating a Second (PDF)

Making Clip Leads - CLK - About Soldering (PDF)

Exercise MM - About the Multimeter (PDF)

Building the LVPS - Low Voltage Power Supply (PDF)

Experiment FO - Falling Object (PDF)

Experiment FM - Force Between Magnets (PDF)

Experiment CF - Centripetal Force (PDF)

Experiment ET - Energy Transformations (PDF)

Experiment VS - Vibrating Systems (PDF)

Experiment AM - Angular Momentum (PDF)

Experiment FL - Flow (PDF - 2.5 MB)

Red Box and Tool Kit Contents (PDF)

Kit Parts List (PDF)

Experiment Questions

Estimating a Second (ES) (PDF) (PDF) L5
Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) (PDF 1) (PDF 2) (PDF) L8
Falling Object (FO) (PDF) (PDF) L10
Force Between Magnets (FM) (PDF) (PDF) L15
Centripetal Force (CF) (PDF) (PDF) L17
Energy Transformations (ET) (PDF) (PDF) L22
Vibrating Systems (VS) (PDF) (PDF) L27
Angular Momentum (AM) (PDF) (PDF) L29
Flow (PDF) (PDF) L34

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