8.022 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction

Coulomb’s Law, Superposition

Energy of Charge Distributions

2 Electric Field, Electric Flux, Gauss’s Law (PDF)
3 Energy Density of the Field

Electric Potential


Gauss’s Law Revisited


4 Poisson and Laplace Equations


Uniqueness Theorem

Introduction to Conductors

5 Laboratory 1: Electrostatics  
6 Fields and Potentials around Conductors


7 More on Capacitance (PDF)
8 Current, Continuity Equation

Resistance, Ohm’s Law

9 Quiz 1: Purcell, Chapters 1-3  
10 EMF, Circuits

Kirchhoff’s Rules

11 Variable Currents, RC Circuits

Thévenin Equivalence

12 Magnetic Force, Magnetic Field

Ampere’s Law

13 Special Relativity I: Spacetime (PDF)
14 Special Relativity II: Forces and Fields

Equivalence of Electric and Magnetic Fields

15 Ampere’s Law Revisited

Vector Potential, Biot-Savart Law

16 Faraday’s Law, Lenz’s Law (PDF)
17 Mutual and Self Inductance

Magnetic Field Energy

18 RL Circuits

Undriven RLC Circuits

Phasor Representation

19 Quiz 2: Purcell, Chapters 4-7  
20 Make-up Exam  
21 Driven AC Circuits: Phasors, Impedance

Power and Energy

22 Laboratory 2: RLC Circuit  
23 AC Circuits (Conclusion)


Quality Factor and Resonance

24 Displacement Current, Maxwell’s Equations (PDF)
25 Wave Equation

Electromagnetic Radiation

26 Radiation (cont.)

Polarization, Poynting Vector: Energy, Power and Momentum of Radiation

27 Laboratory 3: Microwaves  
28 Poynting Vector: Energy, Power and Momentum of Radiation, Magnetic Properties of Materials

Transmission Lines

29 Final Exam  

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