Due dates for the assignments and experiments can be found in the calendar on the syllabus page.

There are three types of assignments for this class: problem sets, Mastering Physics assignments (not available to OCW users) and experiments (located in the labs section) which must be completed and checked off during lab hours. Several of the problem sets contain questions about the experiments.

Problem Set 1 and Meter Introduction (MI) Experiment (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 2 and Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) Experiment (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 3 and High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) Experiment (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 4 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 5 (PDF)

Electrostatic Force (EF) Experiment (PDF)

Problem Set 6 and Voltage and Current (VI) Experiment (PDF)  
Problem Set 7 (PDF)

Electric Breakdown (EB) Experiment (PDF)

Problem Set 8 and Magnetic Force (MF) Experiment (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 9 and Amplifier (AMP) Experiment (PDF) (PDF)

MF Solutions (PDF)

Problem Set 10 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 11 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 12 and Microwave (MW) Experiment (PDF)  

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