Required Textbooks

[Griffiths] = Griffiths, David J. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. 2nd ed. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. ISBN: 9780131118928.

[Shankar] = Shankar, Ramamurti. Principles of Quantum Mechanics. 2nd ed. Plenum Press, 1994. ISBN: 9780306447907.


Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude. Quantum Mechanics. 2 vols. Wiley, 2006. ISBN: 9780471164326. (Useful for 8.05 and 8.06: Some students find it too encyclopedic.)

Dirac, P. A. M. The Principles of Quantum Mechanics. 4th ed. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1958. (Quantum mechanics from the Master. Deep, hard and rewarding to read, but probably in the summer.)

Feynman, R. P. Feynman Lectures On Physics. Vol. 3. Addison Wesley Longman, 1970. ISBN: 9780201021158. (Ch. 6 on spin and Ch. 9 on the ammonia maser are particularly useful.)

[Ohanian] = Ohanian, Hans. Principles of Quantum Mechanics. Prentice Hall, 1989. ISBN: 9780137127955. (More emphasis than Griffiths on operator methods but less depth on some other topics.)

Sakurai, J. J. Modern Quantum Mechanics. Addison-Wesley Pub., 1993. ISBN: 9780201539295. (A revision of the text by Sakurai. Advanced for 8.05.)

Axler, Sheldon. Linear Algebra Done Right. 2nd ed. Springer, 1997. ISBN: 9780387982595. (A conceptual introduction to vector spaces and linear operators.)

Reading Assignments


[Shankar] Sections 5.2, 5.3, and 5.6.

[Griffiths] Sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, and 2.6.


[Griffiths] Section 7.1.

[Griffiths] Appendix.

[Shankar] Chapter 1.

[Griffiths] Chapter 3.


[Griffiths] Section 3.5.

[Shankar] Chapter 9.


[Griffiths] Sections 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3.

For further reading on angular momentum with more emphasis on operators than Griffiths, you should consult one or more of the following:
[Ohanian] Chapter 7.
[Shankar] Section 12.5.

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