8.07 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Electromagnetism II


1 Vector Analysis  
2 Rotations in Index Notation Problem set 1 assigned
3 Integral Formulation of Basic Equations  
4 Conductors: Surface Forces and Capacitance Problem set 2 assigned
5 Image Charge Method; Separation of Variables

Problem set 3 assigned

Problem set 1 due

6 Separation of Variables in Spherical Coordinates Problem set 4 assigned
7 A Spherical Shell of Charge with a Circular Hole Problem set 2 due
8 The Traceless Symmetric Tensor Expansion and Standard Spherical Harmonics

Problem set 5 assigned

Problem set 3 due

9 Traceless Symmetric Tensor Approach to Legendre Polynomials and Spherical Harmonics

Problem set 6 assigned

Problem set 4 due

10 Magnetic Multipole Expansion and Magnetic Dipoles Problem set 5 due
Quiz 1
11 Magnetic Dipoles and Magnetic Fields in Matter

Problem set 7 assigned

Problem set 6 due

12 Reversed Cherenkov Radiation in Left-Handed Meta-material Problem set 8 assigned
13 Flipping Photons Backward: Reversed Cherenkov Radiation Inspired by Metamaterials

Problem set 9 assigned

Problem set 7 due

14 Electromagnetic Waves

Problem set 10 assigned

Problem set 8 due

Quiz 2
15 Potentials and Fields Problem set 9 due
16 Radiation Problem set 10 due
17 E&M Review on Waves, Potentials, and Radiation  
Final Exam

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