8.223 | January IAP 2017 | Undergraduate
Classical Mechanics II

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes were typed by students who took the class. Notes for lectures 7, 9, and 12 are not available.

1 Introduction and 8.01 refresher (PDF)  
2 Building up to PLA (PDF)

Ramp with Masses (NB)

With m2 free to swing, using F = ma

3 PLA and Lagrangian Workflow (PDF)

Solving Equations of Motion (NB)

with NDSolve in Mathematica

4 Mechanics of Lagrangians, and why L = T - U (PDF)  
5 Full example and conservation of Energy (PDF)  
6 Conservation of Momentum, and Center of Mass (PDF)  
8 Kepler’s Laws (PDF)  
10 Oscillators (PDF)  
11 Forced Oscillations (PDF)  
13 Damped Oscillations (PDF)

Damped Driven Pendulum (NB)

Transfer Function Response

Driven Pendulum (NB)

Beats, anharmonic behavior, and sideways Kapitza

Damped Vertically Driven Pendulum (NB)

Parmetric resonance, Kapitza

14 Tricky Potentials (PDF)  
15 Introduction to Hamiltonian Mechanics (PDF)  
16 Poisson Brackets (PDF)  
17 Canonical Transforms (PDF)  
18 Connections (PDF)  
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