8.282J | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate
Introduction to Astronomy

Study Materials

These partial lecture notes supplement the material covered in class.

Thermal History of the Universe (PDF)

Evolution of the Scale Factor and the Hubble Constant (PDF)

Write-up on Shakura-Sunyaev Accretion Disk Model (PDF)

The Roche Potential (PDF)

Photon Trajectories Near a Black Hole (PDF)

Nuclear Binding Energies (PDF)

Stellar Structure Equations (PDF)

Thomson and Rayleigh Scattering (PDF)

Star Contributions (PDF)

Visual Binaries (PDF)

Spectroscopic Notation (PDF)

X-Ray Reflection at Grazing Incidence (PDF)

Fraunhofer Diffraction (PDF)

Kepler Problem (PDF)

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