8.325 | Spring 2003 | Graduate
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory III

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes below cover the content of the entire course as outlined in the calendar section.

Root Concepts of the Standard Model (PDF)

Abelian Gauge Symmetry (PDF)

Gauge Symmetry for Quantum Fields

Grand Unified Theory (PDF)

SU(5) Unification


SO(10) Unification

Renormalization (PDF)

SUSY Modifications

Anomalies (PDF)

Conversion of Anomalies (PDF)

Chiral Symmetry (PDF)

History and Sketch of Example Application

Meson Masses, UA(1) Problem

Meson Mass Matrix (PDF)

Resolution of UA(1) (PDF)

Strong P, T Problem (PDF)

Lattice Gauge (PDF)

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