8.325 | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory III


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Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session

Recitations: 1 session / week, 1 hour / session


This is the third and last term of the quantum field theory sequence. A bare enumeration follows:


  • Gauge symmetry and its spontaneous breaking
  • Confinement
  • Renormalization
  • Asymptotic freedom
  • Anomalies
  • Instantons
  • Zero modes

Specific Structure

  • Gauge boson and Higgs spectrum
  • Fermion multiplets
  • CKM matrix
  • Unification in SU(5) and SO(10)


  • Phenomenology of Higgs sector
  • Lepton and baryon number violation
  • Nonperturbative (lattice) formulation and associated algorithms


8.323 (Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I) and 8.324 (Relativistic Quantum Field Theory II)

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The grade for this course is based entirely on the problem sets.

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