Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes 1 through 10 are provided courtesy of Mark Spencer Rudner, and are used with permission.

1 Fluctuation dissipation theorem (PDF)
2 Scattering (PDF)
3 General properties of response function (PDF)
4 f-sum rule (PDF)
5 Kubo formula (PDF)
6 Sensitivity to boundary conditions (PDF)
7 Scaling theory of localization (PDF)
8 Mott variable range hopping (PDF)
9 Transverse response of superconductor (PDF)
10 Microscopic derivation of London equation (PDF)
11 Effect of disorder (PDF)
12 Quasiparticles and coherence factors (PDF)
13 Tunnelling and Josephson effect (PDF)
14 Local moment magnetism (PDF)
15 Exchange interaction (PDF)
16 Ferromagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic spin waves (PDF)
17 Spin flop transition and neutron scattering (PDF)
18 Band magnetism and stoner theory (PDF)
19 Mean field theory and spin density wave (PDF)
20 Local moment in metals and Friedel sum rule (PDF)
21 Anderson model and Kondo problem (PDF)
22 Singlet ground state and Kondo resonance (PDF)
23 Fermi liquid theory and electron spectral function (PDF)
24 Landau parameters (PDF)
25 Fermi liquid interpretation of Kondo ground state (PDF)

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