Lecture Notes

Lec # Lecture Notes
1 Fundamental Building Blocks and their Interactions (PDF)
2 Symmetries and Quarks; Discoveries of the J, Upsilon (PDF)
3 Gluons, Particle-antiparticle, Gluons inside Nucleons (PDF)
4 Dirac Formalism, Chirality, Helicity, Why Higgs? (PDF)
5 Local Gauge Transformation (PDF)
6 Solutions of the Dirac Equation (PDF)
7 Matrix, Decays, Cross Sections and Radiative Corrections (PDF)
8 Polarization, Propagator, Interaction Matrix, Cross Sections and Unitarity Bounds (PDF)
9 Unitarity Bound Violation and “New” Particles (PDF)
10 Bottom-up Approach: Unitarity Bounds, “New” Particles and their Coupling Constants (PDF)
11 Unitarity Bounds, Higgs, its Coupling Constants and Limit on its Mass (PDF)
12 Electro-weak Interactions (PDF)
13 Review (PDF)
14 Mid-term
15 Discussion on Research Topics
16 Prelude to The Standard Model (SM)
17 Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Higgs Top-down Approach
18 Masses and Interactions of Weak Bosons and Fermions
19 QCD, QED and EW Corrections within SM
20 Divergence in SM and Plausible Solutions


21 Technical Color
22 Reading Assignments based on Lecture Notes on SM, and Models beyond SM
23 Presentations of Research Papers

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