9.00 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Psychology


1 The Brain: Between the Ears, Behind the Eyes

2 Motivation and Emotion: “Reason Alone Cannot Move Us To Do Anything”

3 Learning: The Power of Association

4 Sensing: Gathering the Information Paper 1 due
5 Attending: Limiting the Information

6 Perceiving: Interpreting the Information

7 Memory: What Do You Remember?

8 Cognition: How Do You Think?

9 Cognitive Development: How Do Children Think?

10 Language: What Do You Say? Paper 2 due
11 Language Development: What Do Children Say?

Midterm Exam

12 Intelligence: How Do We Know You Are Smart?

13 The Battle of the Sexes: Love and Evolution

14 Social Exchange: Romantic Economics

15 Attitudes and Behaviors: How Can We Be Controlled? Paper 3 due
16 Who Are You? The Psychology of the Self

17 From Dissociation To Repression

18 Freud and Fairy Tales

19 Sleep and Dreams

20 Defining Mental Illness: Are Suicide Bombers Insane?

21 Causing Mental Illness: What Can Make You “Lose” Your Mind? Paper 4 due
22 Successful Disasters: Eating Disorders

23 Successful Disasters: Date Rape

Final Exam

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