9.081 | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Human Memory and Learning


These two assignments together constitute 70% of the grade for this class.

Assignment 1: Research Paper Presentation

Each student will briefly (20-30 minutes) present recent neuroimaging papers and will lead group discussion at multiple points during the term.

The objectives of the presentation are to consider:

  • Motivation
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Implications

The purpose is to initiate the day’s discussion of this and the related assigned articles.

Assignment 2: Experimental Research Proposal

This proposal should advance a novel neuroimaging investigation aimed to address any aspect of memory considered during the course.

The proposal (approx. 10-15 pages) should describe:

  • The background
  • Experimental design
  • Analysis approach
  • Predicted results
  • Theoretical implications

Proposals will be due on the last day of class and will be briefly presented (~15 minutes) during the final class meeting.

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