1 Introduction: The Aging Brain, Corkin Lecture
2 Imaging the Aging and Demented Brain
3 Working Memory in Aging and Alzheimer’s
4 Recollection and Familiarity in Healthy Aging
5 Emotional Memory in Aging and Age-related Disease

Midterm Exam (1 Hour)

Implicit Memory

7 Alzheimer’s Disease: Natural History, Genetics, and Pathophysiology 
(Guest Lecture: Michael C. Irizarry, M. D., Alzheimer Disease Research Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital)
8 Alzheimer’s Disease: Early Molecular Biology, Genetics, Animal Models
9 Alzheimer’s Disease (cont.)
10 Alzheimer’s Disease: ß-amyloid and LTP, Distribution of AD Target Tissues, Tauopathies
11 Parkinson’s Disease/Huntington’s Disease: Molecular, Genetic Mechanisms, Memory
12 Parkinson’s Disease/Huntington’s Disease: Molecular, Genetic Mechanisms, Memory (cont.)
  Final Exam

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Spring 2005
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