9.22J | Fall 2006 | Undergraduate

A Clinical Approach to the Human Brain


1 Brain Anatomy and Imaging
2 Cells and Brain Imaging
3 Synaptic Potentials

fMRI of the Human Brain

Prof. John Gabrieli, MIT

5 Seeing and Reading Others
6 Cognitive Enhancement through Neuropharmacology
7 Oxytocin and Trust, Antidepressants and Neurogenesis
8 Neurogenesis: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
9 Test 1
10 Critical Periods: Implications for Education
11 Neuroplasticity in the Adult
12 Language, Dyslexia and Universal Grammar
13 Visual System I
14 Visual Neglect and Prosopagnosia
15 Rembrandt, Leonardo, Monet: How We See Them
16 Sensory System and Pain
17 Placebo, Empathy, and Theory of Mind
18 Test 2
19 Emotions and Feelings: Romantic and Maternal Love
20 Neuroscience and Marketing: Hitting the “Sweet Spot”
21 Learning and Memory: The Case of HM
22 Structure and Function of Brains with Superior Memory
23 How Emotion and Antidepressants Affect Memory
24 Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis
25 Vision, Memory and Feelings: Binding them Together
26 Music, Math and the Brain

Additional Topic: Consciousness / Neuroeconomics

Additional Topic: Can Thinking Prevent Dementia?