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Language Processing

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Lecture presentation covering the following topics: Nested (or center-embedded) structures, Cross-linguistic generalization, Syntactic information use in sentence processing, Syntactic resource hypotheses, Locality effects in ambiguous structures, Initial Integration Distance Hypothesis, Nesting complexity effects, Locality account of nesting complexity, Puzzle: Nested pronoun generalization, Null contexts:, Experiment 6 Results, Japanese nested structures, Open question: How to quantify distance?, Nested pronoun generalization, The cognitive status of NPs, Warren & Gibson (2002): An on-line test of cognitive status differences, Gordon et al. (2001): An alternative distance metric, New Experiment: Warren, Gibson, Jamison & Hirsch, More Locality effects: Length / heaviness effects, An old puzzle: relative clauses (RCs) and complement clauses (CCs), Nested vs. Cross-serial dependencies, Application to technical writing, Earlier accounts of nesting complexity, Kimball (1973): The principle of two sentences, Lewis (1993): Interference between similar Xbar positions, Problems for all earlier theories, A second resource factor: Syntactic storage, Experiment in progress: Predicted arguments of verbs, Another test of resource theories: Chinese Relative Clauses Hsiao & Gibson (2003), RC complexity processing theories, Ambiguity resolution, NN/RC (Grodner et al. 2002), Reading times at the disambiguating region “by the lawyer”, Conclusions and Sentence processing: Summary.

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