9.63 | Fall 2002 | Undergraduate

Laboratory in Cognitive Science


This section contains several of the experiments performed in this lab-based class. The experiments are designed to probe how the mind perceives various stimuli and their interactions with different sensory modalities, such as the interaction of visual stimuli with auditory, gustatory, or olfactory input.

Experiment Set 1 (PDF)

  • What does a team experiment in 9.63 involve?

Experiment Set 2 (PDF)

  • 2.1 Beyond bisection hyperacuity
  • 2.2 Face detection in the periphery
  • 2.3 Influence of auditory/gustatory context on recall
  • 2.4 Haptic thresholds for distance discrimination
  • 2.5 Estimating gaze-direction
  • 2.6 Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • 2.7 Extraction of linguistic patterns with inadequate evidence

Experiment 3 (PDF)

  • Length estimation

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