9.63 | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate

Laboratory in Visual Cognition

Related Resources

Variables and Controls - Signal Detection Theory

Interactive program: The WISE Project’s Signal Theory Tutorial

Single Factor Design and Statistics: t-test

Exercise: Picture memory - data. Example of data for a yes/no memory task, with hit, false alarms, and d prime. (PDF)

t-test table (PDF)

t-test online

T-test excel demo (PDF) (A spreadsheet illustrating how to carry out t-tests in excel. Courtesy of Ruth Rosenholtz. Used with permission.)

Factorial Designs and Interactions

Pivot table excel demo (PDF)

Oral Presentation of Literature Review

Ten secrets to giving a good scientific talk (PDF)

MATLAB® Tutorial

Psychophysics Toolbox

Brainard, D. H. “The Psychophysics Toolbox.” Spatial Vision 10 (1997): 433-436.

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