9.75J | Spring 2003 | Undergraduate

Psychology of Gender



  1. Class presentations of papers and readings.
  2. Cross-cultural inquiry paper, 3-4 pages double spaced.
  3. Final paper topic proposal.
  4. First draft of final paper.
  5. Final paper, 8-10 pages double spaced. All papers must be typed, double spaced, in 12-point font size. Use APA standard references, and proof read carefully.

Class Presentations

Class presentations are drawn from the primary readings in the course. Students will present the findings in the assigned readings. Class presentations should be 20-30 minutes in duration.

Cross-Cultural Inquiry Paper

This assignment requires students to read about and investigate certain aspects of two different cultures. The inquiry can focus on gender differences or ethnic differences and should compare and contrast communication within each culture, and across the two cultures. An example would be to compare communication between men and women in Japanese and United States societies; the communication between men and women in Japanese society is very different from communication within the U.S. between women and men.

Final Paper Topic Proposal

The proposal for the final paper topic should include an abstract of the paper or papers, if they are not in the assigned reading list. The source materials need to be approved by the instructor before the paper is written.

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