9.75J | Spring 2003 | Undergraduate

Psychology of Gender


1 Identifying Core Questions
2 The Study of Difference
3 Conceptualizing the Impact of Biology and Evolution
Cross-Cultural Paper Due
4 Summarizing the Case for Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities
Class Presentations on Cross-Cultural Inquiry
5 In-Class Hour Exam
6 Gender Socialization: Cultural Transmission and Cultural Constraints
7 Developmental Issues: Sex and Aggression
Short Presentations on Readings
8 Parenting and Gendered Child Development
Draft of Final Paper Due
9 Partnering: Marriage and Divorce
Draft of Final Paper will be Returned
10 School Environments: How Schools are Short-Changing Girls…and Boys
Final Paper Due
11 Economics and Political Forces
12 Summing Up

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Spring 2003
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