9.913 | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Pattern Recognition for Machine Vision


Assignment Topics

Assignment 1

Exploring difference between color spaces and color-based image segmentation. Experiments with edge detection.

Assignment 2

Exploring different feature spaces - using Fourier shape descriptors, experimenting with wavelet transform, template matching.

Assignment 3

Using and interpretation of ROC curves, experiments with PCA and ICA.

Assignment 4

Estimating and sampling from densities, learning video background models, building a simple object tracker.

Assignment 5

Using LDA for image analysis. Experiments with Support Vector Machines.

Assignment 6

Image segmentation with K-means, EM and hierarchical clustering algorithms.

Assignment 7

Image morphing.

Oral Presentation Paper Topic Examples

  • Image segmentation

  • Shape matching

  • Comparison of low-level features for object recognition

  • Face detection

  • Tracking

  • Motion analysis

Final Project Examples

Final projects included implementation and experiments with existing pattern recognition as applied to computer vision problems. Examples of past successful projects:

  • Efficient tracking algorithm learning object appearance
  • System that tracks fast moving baseball in video
  • Soda can recognition on an iPaq
  • Experiments with multi-class boosting cascade
  • Video camera-based mouse device

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