Each student gives 2-3 oral presentations covering primary literature readings that are discussed in class. The papers and corresponding dates are selected by each student once the semester has begun.

1-2 Introductory Lectures Select papers for oral presentation assignments
3 Neuronal Object Representations: Spatial Aspect of the Code  
4 Neuronal Object Representations: Temporal Aspect of the Code  
5 Adaptation Effects: fMRI and Neurophysiology  
6 The Content of Neuronal Representations: Shape, Features, Curvature, Non-accidental Properties, …  
7 The Tolerances (invariances) of Neuronal Representations

Part 1: Affine Transformations: Position and Scale

8 The Tolerances (invariances) of Neuronal Representations

Part 2: Pose, Illumination

9 Effects of Training/Experience on Object Representations  
10 Attention and Object Recognition  
11 Perceptual Awareness Short grant proposal due