Concept Questions and Concept Quizzes

You will be asked to develop "concept questions" which help to illustrate the physical principles and approximations that are made. This will be done in small (three or four person) teams so you can discuss the questions among yourselves. One of these questions is to be developed each week by each team. They are to be handed in by 6 pm on the Friday before the lectures take place. The concept questions will count for 10% of the final grade.

Approximately eight short (~20 minute) "concept quizzes" will be given during class, roughly equally spaced throughout the term. These may make use of the questions generated by students. The total of these quizzes will count for 20% of the final course grade.

Examples of Concept Quizzes

Concept Quiz 1 (PDF)

Practice Concept Quiz 1 (PDF)

Practice Concept Quiz 2 (PDF)

Team Project

A team project on internal flow modeling will be assigned. The project will be on a topic you choose from a list of topics supplied by the instructors. The team project will count for 20% of the grade each.

Project Description (PDF)