LEC # Topics Assignments
1 Aerospace Dynamics
2 Coriolis "Demystified" HW1 Issued
3 Dynamics
4 Introduction to Multiple Intermediate Frames HW1 Due
HW2 Issued
5 Momentum, Angular Momentum, and Dynamics of a System of Particles HW2 Due
HW3 Issued
6 Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations HW3 Due
Midterm Exam #1
7 Lagrange's Equations
8 Examples Using Lagrange's Equations

Examples (from Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics by M. G. Calkin. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 1999.)
HW4 Issued
9 Virtual Work and the Derivation of Lagrange's Equations
Virtual Work and the Derivation of Lagrange's Equations (Continued) HW4 Due
HW5 Issued
10 Friction in Lagrange's Equations
Friction in Lagrange's Equations (Continued) HW5 Due
HW6 Issued
11 Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
12 Rigid Body Dynamics HW6 Due
HW7 Issued
13 Axisymmetric Rotations
14 Gyroscopes HW7 Due
HW8 Issued
Gyroscopes (Continued) HW8 Due
Midterm Exam #2 HW9 Issued
15 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics
Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics (Continued) HW9 Due
HW10 Issued
16 Aircraft Dynamics
17 Aircraft Longitudinal Dynamics HW10 Due
18 Aircraft Lateral Dynamics
Final Exam