The series of the assignments from the class are represented here, and this file gives the overview of them:

Assignment Overview (PDF)


L1: Introduction to Design (de Weck)

Team Presentations



Form teams of 2-3, pick components to be designed, tour the facilities. Teams Assigned
2 L2: Hand Sketching (Wallace) Sketch initial designs by hand, rough sizing and concept.

(A) Requirements and Interface Document (2 pages)

Template (PDF)

Example (PDF)


L3: CAD Mechanical Modeling (de Weck)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (de Weck)

Solidworks® Tutorial

Initial CAD Model of components. Start FEM modeling. Initial static loads analysis, performance analysis.

(B) Hand Sketch of Conceptual Design (1 page)

Assignment (PDF)

Example (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

4 L4: Prototyping Avionics (Electronics) Design circuit boards, simple avionics layout, prototyping the avionics into PCB's.  
5 L5: Electric Motors and Hybrid Drives (Beat Arnet, Azure Dynamics) Learn about electric motors, hybrid drives, energy storage devices.

(C) Solidworks® CAD Model, performance analysis (5 pages memo)

Example (PDF)

6 L6: Manufacturing and Testing (de Weck) Introduction to manufacturing, water jet cutting, manufacturing, testing.  

L7: Microwave System Design (Frank Willwerth, Lincoln Lab)

Prepare final presentation.

(D) Manufacturing and Test Report (2 pages report)

Template (PDF)

8 Critical Design Review (CDR) Give final presentations; display final products.

(E) CDR Presentation (max 8 slides)

Example (PDF)