Lecture Notes

Part I: Introduction and Motivation
1 Space Systems and Definitions Framing document (PDF)
2 Classic Solutions Framing document (PDF)
Part II: A New Space Architecture Process
3 Introduction to MATE: Tradespace Exploration Outline (PDF)
4 Applied Utility Theory Outline (PDF)
5 Modeling and Exploring the Tradespace Outline (PDF)
6 Integrated Concurrent Engineering Outline (PDF)
7 Examples - XTOS and SPACETUG and MATE-CON Simulation Framing document (PDF)
8 Efficient Searches of Tradespaces: A Multiobjective, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methodology for the Conceptual Design of Distributed Satellite Systems (PDF) (Courtesy of Cyrus Jilla. Used with permission.)  
9 Uncertainty and Risk: A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty and its Mitigation and Exploitation in Complex Systems Outline (PDF)

Framing document (PDF)
10 Flexibility for Space Systems I

Guest lecture: Gary Martin - Strategic Architectural Approaches at NASA
Outline (PDF)

Framing document (PDF)
11 Flexibility for Space Systems II: Calculations (PDF - 1.5 MB) (Courtesy of Roshanak Nilchiani, Carole Joppin, and Daniel Hastings. Used with permission.) Outline (PDF)

Framing document (PDF)
12 Policy Issues in Space System Architectures (PDF)

Guest lecture: Hal Hagemeier - National Security Space Architecting
Outline (PDF)