Week 1: Introduction
Lec 1 What is culture?  
Lec 2 What do anthropologists do?  
Week 2: Love and Kindship
Lec 3 What is a family?  
Lec 4 Is "love" a universal? Commentary Paper 1 Due
Week 3: Birth and Death
Lec 5 How does society manage human crises? Commentary Paper 2 Due
Week 4: Sex and Gender
Lec 6 Is gender biologically determined?  
Lec 7 Film: "World without Fathers or Husbands" Commentary Paper 3 Due
Week 5: Tradition and Modernity
Lec 8 What is modernity?  
Lec 9 How does culture change? Commentary Paper 4 Due
Week 6: Development and Change
Lec 10 Should culture be preserved?  
Lec 11 Film: "The Future of Mud" Research Paper 1 Due
Week 7: Review
Lec 12 Review  
Ses 13 Midterm Exam  
Week 8: Expressive Culture and Identity
Lec 14 What are art and performance universal?  
Lec 15 Is race real?  
Week 9: Ritual
Lec 16 What is a ritual?  
Lec 17 Film: "Nothing Rhymes with Ngapartji" Commentary Paper 5 Due
Week 10: Art
Lec 18 What is art? Commentary Paper 6 Due
Week 11: Play and Learning
Lec 19 How is culture learned?  
Lec 20 What is the purpose of play? Commentary Paper 7 Due
Week 12: Magic, Science, and Religion
Lec 21 Is magic irrational?  
Lec 22 Is rationality magical? Commentary Paper 8 Due
Week 13: Embodies Knowledge
Lec 23 How does culture shape the body?  
Lec 24 Film: "Ilé Aiyé: The House of Life" Research Paper 2 Due
Week 14: Intercultural Communication
Lec 25 What are the limits of intercultural communication?  
Lec 26 Review  
Ses 27 Final Exam