Lecture Notes

1 Introduction
2 Crash Course in the Category of Race as Biological Phantom and Social Reality (PDF)
3 Blood, Sex, and Skeletons: Colonialism, Climatic Determinism, Cranial Capacity, and the Rise of Monogenist and Polygenist Scientific Racism (PDF)
4 Germ Plasm: American and British Eugenics (PDF)
5 Skin Color, Bodily Form: Laws of Science and Laws of the Land in the Context of Immigration, Assimilation and Early 20th-Century American Anthropology (PDF)
6 Health and Hygiene: Latin American Lamarckism, Nazi German Darwinism (PDF)
7 From Population to Genome: Race after World War Two (PDF)
8 Race and Medicine
9 Alternative Histories and Futures for the Racial Economy of Science
10 Land, Science, and Knowledge in Native America
11 African-American Technoscientific Histories and Afrofuturist Projects
12 Citizenship, Cyborgs, Model Minorities and Border Crossings
13 Race in the Digital Age