1 Introduction
The Americas before Columbus
2 The Spanish Conquest
3 Discuss Las Casas
The Great Debate on the Nature of the Indians
4 Native Commentaries
Colonial Exploitation and Rule
Las Casas Paper Due
6 Class Presentations on the Colombian Exchange
7 Missionizing the Americas Colombian Exchange Paper Due
8 (Partial) Film: The Mission.
Discuss Readings
9 Resistance and Rebellion in Colonial Latin America
10 Film: Black Robe
11 Colonization of North America, Fur Trade, New France
12 Discuss Jesuit Relations
13 Discuss Film: Black Robe
14 Film: Wilderness
15 Discuss New England Environment and Economy
16 Discuss War
Jesuit Relations Paper
17 Discuss 18th and 19th Century Frontiers
Indians and the U.S.
Film Showing: Civilization
18 Independence, Frontiers and Extraction in 19th Century Latin America
19 Films: Spirit of Kuna Yala,
Just us Kuna
20 Historical Research
Discuss Kuna Materials
Comparative Essay Due
22 Discuss Kuna Materials
23 Indian Activism and Organizing
24 Film: Out of the Forest
Discuss Film and Kayapo
25 Discuss Kayapo Kuna Paper Due
26 Brazilian Films, Discuss Kayapo
27 Indians: Images and Ideology
28 Films, Wrap-up