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1 Introduction No readings assigned
2 Ethnography of Elections (1)

[C] Chapter 1: Introduction.

[C] Chapter 2: Blueprints and Builders.

3 Ethnography of Elections (2) [C] Chapter 7: Election Day.
4 Ethnography of Elections (3)

[C] Chapter 8: Electoral Actants: Translating Voter Will into Political Authority.

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Foundational Myths of American Elections
5 Consensus

[S] "Introduction."

[S] Chapter 1: Colonial Origins of American Political Practice: 1690–1787.

6 Equality [S] Chapter 2: The Constitutional Moment: 1787–1801.
7 Authority

[L] Chapter 1: The Mind and Politics.

[L] Chapter 2: The World View Problem for American Politics.

[L] Chapter 7: Why We Need a New Understanding of American Politics.

[L] Chapter 8: The Nature of the Model.

[L] Chapter 9: Moral Categories in Politics.

Mass Markets, Consumers and Consensus Experts
8 Citizens / Consumers

[S] Chapter 5: Cures for Democracy? Civil Religion, Leadership, Expertise-and More Democracy.

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The Science (and Politics) of Campaigning
I. Polling and Consensus
9 Public Opinion and Consensus (1)

[I] "Prologue: How to Win an Election Without Anyone Knowing."

[I] Chapter 1: Blinded by Political Science.

[I] "Notes."

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10 Public Opinion and Consensus (2)

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12 Representation and Minorities

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13 Consensus and Difference

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II. Candidate Branding
14 Campaigning for Hearts and Minds

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15 The Multimodality of Message

[LE] Chapter 1: Introduction: "Message" Is the Medium.

[LE] "Notes."

16 Celebrity Politics

[LE] Chapter 4: Ethno-Blooperology.

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17 Popular Politics

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18 Politics on the Ground [W] Chapter 5: A Multiple Village: Caste Divisions, Democratic Practice, and Territorialities.
III. Engineering Majorities
19 Microtargeting

[I] Chapter 5: You Mean You Don't Do This In Politics?

[I] Chapter 10: The Soul of a New Machine.

20 Ground Wars (1)

[N] Chapter 1: Personalized Political Communication in American Campaigns.

[N] Chapter 2: The Ground War Enters the Twenty-first Century.

21 Ground Wars (2) [N] Chapter 3: Contacting Voters at Home.
22 Ground Wars (3)

[N] Chapter 4: Organizing Campaign Assemblages.

[N] Chapter 5: Targeting Voters for Personal Contacts.

23 Ground Wars (4)

[N] Chapter 6: Always Fighting the Same Ground War?

Fake News Exercise Readings

A Great Resource to Understand Fake News

Zimdars, Melissa. "My 'Fake News List' Went Viral. But Made-up Stories are Only Part of the Problem," Washington Post, November 18, 2016.

A Controversial Legitimate Article

Timberg, Craig. "Russian Propaganda Effort Helped Spread 'Fake News' During Election, Experts Say," Washington Post, November 24, 2016.

Fake News

Olson, Kyle. "Hillary Threw Americans into 'Bucket of Losers' in Wall Street Speech," October 7, 2016,

Native Advertisement

"15 Things We Did At School That Future Students Will Never Understand," August 11, 2014,

Satirical News

Borowitz, Andy. "Mexican President Says He Made Trump Pay for Lunch." The New Yorker, September 1, 2016.

24 Controlled Interactivity

[SG] Chapter 1: Introduction: The Paradox of Digital Campaigning in a Democracy.

[SG] "Notes."

25 Presidential Campaigning in the Internet Age

[SG] Chapter 6: 2012: Data-Driven Networked Campaigning.

[SG] Chapter 7: Conclusion: Shifting Practices of Political Campaigns and Political Culture.

26 Presentations No readings assigned
27 Presentations and Wrap-Up No readings assigned