1Show and Tell
Introduction to Studios
2Project 1: Introduction
3All Studios - Field Trip to T. Island
4Pin Up of First Individual Ideas/Concepts but in Groups
5Group Esquisse
Desk Crits
6Group Presentations of Design Strategies
Assignment of Faculty
7, 8Research, Development and Testing
9Working Pin Ups with Faculty
11Review of Group Work with Critics
12Project 2A: Introduction
Wellesley Visit
Site Studies/Model
13Desk Crits
14Pin Up
15Project 2B: Site and Material Studies
16Tim Eliasson Lecture
Pin-up with Tim Eliasson
17Trip to Tri-Pyramid, Concord
18Pin Up
19Field Trip: Fort Worth
20Project 3 Concepts/Design Generation
21Desk Crits
22Pin-up with Guest Critics
23Project 3.2: Design Organization
24Andrew Scott in St Louis
Tony Hunt Lecture
25Desk Crits
26Mid Project Review
27Project 4: Skin and Bones
Materials Language
28Desk Crits
Peter Cook Lecture
29Peter del Tredici: Plants
Desk Crits
30Desk Crits
31Project 5: Prototype and Fabricate
Make and Test: Workshop
32Desk Crits
Final Project:
Design Synthesis/Presentation
34Desk Crits
35, 36Mock-ups
37MArch Thesis Reviews
38Final Review