Week # Topics Assignments
1 What is Exercise?
2 The Physical Intelligence Model Assignment 2: Brainstorm and produce concept drawings for three machines that exercise different key Physical Intelligence principles
3 Visual and Kinesthetic Perception Assignment 3: 3-d mock-up of best concept from Week 2's assignment
4 Physical Thinking Assignment 4: Refine 3-d mock-up based on in-class experience
5 Orientation Strategies: Balancing Assignment 5: Complete most critical modules
6 Learning Movement Assignment 6: Integrate modules for initial completion of project designs
7 Designing Physical Intelligence Assignment 7: Test and troubleshoot project designs based on peer review
8 E-motion Assignment 8: Prepare drafts of posters for exhibition; continue work on projects
9 Applying Physical Intelligence Assignment 9: Prepare final working project designs
10 Complex Coordination: Walking

Guest Speaker: Dr. Rob Playter, '90, Boston Dynamics Inc. "Physical Intelligence and the Design of Running Robots"
Assignment 10: Prepare projects and posters for final review
11 Final Project and Peer Poster Review
12 Overview and Summary