1 Physical Structure of the Gene
2 The Complementation Test and Gene Function
3 Mendelian Genetics
4 Probability and Pedigrees
5 Chromosomes and Sex Linkage
6 Recombination and Genetic Maps
7 Three-factor Crosses
8 Tetrad Analysis Problem set #1 due
9 Phage Genetics
10 Gene Structure and DNA Analysis
11 Mutations and Suppressors Problem set #2 due
12 Bacterial Genetics: Transposition
No lecture: in class exam Quiz I (Lectures 1-10)
13 Bacterial Genetics: Transduction
14 Complementation in Bacteria: Plasmids
15 Complementation in Bacteria: Recombinant DNA
16 Prokaryotic Regulation: Negative Control
17 Prokaryotic Regulation: Positive Control
18 Prokaryotic Regulation: Regulatory Circuits Problem set #3 due
19 Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes I
20 Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes II
21 Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes III Problem set #4 due
22 Eukaryotic Genes and Genomes IV
No lecture: in class exam Quiz II (Lectures 11-18)
23 Transgenes and Gene Targeting in Mice I
24 Transgenes and Gene Targeting in Mice II
25 Population Genetics: Hardy-Weinberg
26 Population Genetics: Mutation and Selection
27 Population Genetics: Inbreeding
28 Human Polymorphisms
29 Statistical Evaluation of Linkage I Problem set #5 due
30 Statistical Evaluation of Linkage II
31 Complex Traits Problem set #6 due
32 Chromosome Anomalies I
No lecture: in class exam Quiz III (Lectures 19-30)
33 Chromosome Anomalies II
34 Genetics of Cancer I
35 Genetics of Cancer II
Final Exam