Written Assignment (Due Week 8)

The written assignment will discuss a peer-reviewed primary research paper (not included as one of the assigned weekly readings in the course) that relates to the course material. Selected papers should be sent to the instructors at least two weeks in advance of the due date for instructor approval. Within two double-spaced pages, the student should briefly describe the paper's main questions and hypothesis and critically discuss the key experimental and control data and interpretation of the results.

Oral Presentation (Due Week 15)

Final oral presentations will occur during the last class meeting. Students will give a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation discussing a chosen primary research paper (approved by course instructors) relevant to the field of cell fate determination / identity. As with the written assignments, the oral presentation should outline the paper's main question(s) and hypothesis, describe the key experimental and control data, and critically analyze the author's interpretation and conclusions. Presentations should consist of 10–15 PowerPoint slides.