Students are responsible for conducting a series of experiments to produce results that will become the body of their papers and the primary scientific findings in their posters.


Three experiments are conducted. Their purpose is to develop stimuli and detemine how short the interval can be when doing affective priming. The results of the first experiment will form the basis for the second experiment, and the final stimuli that look promising in the second experiment will be used in the third-level experiment with controls. This teaches students how to critically think about their work and build on previous experiments. Students then write up the results of their experiments, as described in the two writing assignments below.

Assignment 1

Produce a poster describing the experiment and intermediate results. Poster should include introduction, materials, methods, and results for Experiment 1 and Experiment 2, as well as discussion of both. Poster can be printed on a single 48in X 48in sheet or on multiple 8.5in X 11in sheets.

Assignment 2

Produce a final paper describing Experiments 1, 2, and 3. Paper should include introduction, materials, methods, results, and discussion for each experiment, as well as a final discussion of the significance of the three experiments together. Paper should be 15-20 pages long, double spaced.