1 Introduction
Organization, Readings, Projects
Approaches to the Study of Humans and Their Behavior
2 Classics, Key Concepts in Ethology
3 Key Concepts in Sociobiology
4 Key Concepts in Learning
5 Social Status and Cross-cultural Differences
6 Persuasion: Advertising, Politics
7 Self--Individual, Social, Other Adaptations
8 Sexuality
Dimorphisms in Body and Behavior, Social Organization, Dominance Structures, Evolution of Sexual Signals, Emancipation from Original Uses
9 Mating and Reproduction
10 Emotion and Facial Expression
11 General Non-verbal Communication
12 Social vs. Solitary, Specialized vs. Generalized/Non-specialized
13 Sex Differences
14 Computer Simulation of Behavior
15 Machine Interfaces
16 Art, Music and Dance
17 Human Ethology in Clinical and Laboratory Research
18 Cognitive Ethology/Comparative Cognition
19 Signs and Symbols
20 Behavioral Modification: Pharmacology and Toxicology
21 Project Reports