Students are divided into several groups, and the groups prepare case studies based on the topics for each class. The case studies will be evaluated by the instructors, and two groups will be selected to present cases. In each class, one group presents the case, and the other group is the discussant.

Written Assignments

Each student will submit a short written summary of the discussions at the end of each class.


Scientific Misconduct, Record Keeping, Reporting Results, and Data Selection

  • Misconduct
  • Ethics
  • Record Keeping

Mentoring, Authorship, Collaboration

  • Mentoring
  • Authorship and Peer Review
  • Collaboration

Human Subjects

  • Human Experimentation

Animal Care and Use

  • Animal Experimentation

Intellectual Property, Patents, Conflict of Interest

  • Intellectual Property at MIT
  • Conflicts of Interest when Working in Sponsored Research