Lecture reading assignments (by module) are listed below. For recitation reading assignments, please see the Recitation Readings and Handouts column in Lecture and Recitation Videos.

General Background (Lecture 1)


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Module 1: Translation (Lectures 2-7)


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Module 2: Protein Folding (Lectures 8-11)


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Module 3: Protein Degradation (Lectures 12-14)


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Module 4: Polyketide and Nonribosomal Peptide Assembly Lines (Lectures 15-18)


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Module 5: Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Cholesterol Homeostasis (Lectures 19-25)


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Module 6: Metal Ion Homeostasis (Lectures 25-31)


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Module 7: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) (Lectures 32-34)


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Module 8: Nucleotide Metabolism (Lectures 34-36)


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