The Readings column refers to relevant sections in the course textbook:

Buy at Amazon McQuarrie, Donald A. Quantum Chemistry. 2nd ed. Sausalito, CA: University Science Books, 2007. ISBN: 9781891389504.

L1 Historical development Chapter 1
L2 The atom of Niels Bohr
L3 Wave nature, de Broglie wavelength Chapter 2
L4 Uncertainty principle
L5 Stationary waves, Schrödinger equation Chapter 3
L6 Particle in a box
L7 Probabilities, expectation values, operators I Chapter 4
L8 Probabilities, expectation values, operators II
L9 Postulates of quantum mechanics I
L10 Postulates of quantum mechanics II
L11 Classic harmonic oscillator Chapter 5
L12 Quantum harmonic oscillator
L13 Tunneling
L14 Three dimensional systems Chapter 6
L15 Rigid rotor
L16 Spherical harmonics
L17 Angular momenta
L18 Hydrogen atom I Chapter 7.1-7.5
L19 Hydrogen atom II
L20 Variation principle Chapter 8.1-8.2
L21 Helium atom Chapter 9.1-9.4
L22 Hartree-Fock, SCF
L23 Electron spin
L24 Pauli principle
L25 Born-Oppenheimer approximation Chapter 10.1-10.5
L26 Molecular orbital theory, H2+
L27 LCAO-MO theory Chapter 11
L28 Qualitative molecular orbital theory
L29 Modern electronic structure theory
L30 Interaction of light with matter Chapter 8.5-8.6
L31 Vibrational spectra
L32 NMR spectroscopy I
L33 NMR spectroscopy II
L34 Perturbation theory
L35 Vibrational anharmonicity
L36 Crystal field states