In the following table, problem sets are listed by the lecture in which they are due. Problem set 0 is not graded so there is no due date.

The problem sets include numerical problems involving the manipulation of matrices and vectors. The most convenient approach to these problems is using some type of mathematical or engineering calculation software. If you have little experience with this, I recommend Mathcad(R) 14. The .dat file included with problem set 2 can be opened in any calculation software that you choose, including Mathcad.

  Problem set 0 (PDF)
5 Problem set 1 (PDF)

Problem set 2 (PDF)

Trajectory for problem 3 (DAT)

9 Problem set 3 (PDF)
12 Problem set 4 (PDF)
13 Problem set 5 (take-home exam) (PDF)
17 Nonlinear spectroscopy problems (PDF)