Lecture Notes

1 Introduction; Design Criteria for Reinforced Concrete Structures (PDF)  
2 Micro-cracking of Concrete; Stress-strain Behavior in Multiaxial Loading (PDF)  
3 Failure Theories (PDF)  
4 Concrete Plasticity (PDF)  
5 Fracture Concepts (PDF)  
6 Creep and Shrinkage Deformation (PDF)  
7 Ductility and Deflections (PDF)  
8 Shear Failures (PDF)  
9 Shear Transfer; Shear Design (PDF) Failure Investigation of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder (PDF)
10 Biaxial Bending (PDF)  
11 Beam Column Joints (PDF)  
12 Quiz 1  
13 Torsion (PDF) Shear and Torsion (PDF)
14 Term Project Update – Progress Reports and Presentations  
15 Torsion, Shear, and Flexure (PDF) Shear and Torsion (PDF)
16 Yield Line Theory for Slabs (PDF) Analysis of Rectangular Slabs Using Yield Line Theory (PDF)
17 R/C Thin Shell Structures (PDF)  
18 R/C Thin Shell and Structures (cont.) (PDF)  
19 Segmental Bridges / Tall Buildings (PDF)  
20 Term Project Update – Presentations  
21 Deterioration and Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Concrete Structures (PDF)  
22 Earthquake Resistant Design; Repair and Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Structures (PDF)  
23 Quiz 2  
24 Final Presentations  
25 Final Presentations (cont.)  
26 Review and Discussion