The calendar of the class is presented here. In the Lecturer column, AJW is Andrew Whittle, and LCJ is Lucy Jen.

1 AJW and LCJ Overview, Organization, Soil Composition

Clay-Water Forces
2 LCJ Clay-Water Forces, Interparticle Forces
3 LCJ Strength Generation in Soils

Soil Structure
4 LCJ Basic Strength Principles

Simple Clay (Laddite) - NC
Homework problem 1 due
5 LCJ Laddite - OC

Hvorslev Parameters, SB Surface
6 AJW Plasticity

Mechanisms Controlling Compressibility of Clays
Homework problem 2 due
7 AJW Mechanisms Controlling Compressibility of Clays
8 AJW K0 and Stress History

Stress History Profiling
Homework problem 3 due
9 AJW Rates of Consolidation

Hydraulic Conductivity
10 AJW 2° Compression Mini problem on stress history due
11 AJW Non-Linear Consolidation

2D/3D Effects
12 LCJ Problem Soils - 1

Structured Clays, Varved Clays and Peat
13 LCJ Problem Soils - 2

Expansive Soils, Residual Soils
14 LCJ Embankments on Peat

Surcharging to Control 2° Compression
Homework problem 4 due
15 LCJ Strength 1A and 1B

Strength 1C
16 LCJ Strength 1C and IIA

Strength IIB
17 LCJ Strength IIB Mini problem 1 due
18 LCJ Strength IIC - Sample Disturbance
19 LCJ Strength IID
20 LCJ Strength IID

Strength IID, IIE and IIF
Mini problem 2B due
21 AJW Shear Modes

Clay Anisotropy and E3 Soil Model
22 AJW Sands Homework problem 5 due
23 AJW Sands (cont.)
24 AJW Compacted Clay
25 AJW Compacted Clay (cont.)