CMS.100 | Fall 2014 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Media Studies


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session

Course Overview

This course provides a critical analysis of mass media in our culture. Various types of media such as books, films, video games, and online interactions will be discussed and reviewed. This course will also evaluate how information and ideas travel between people on a large scale.

This course critically analyzes media communication, articles, and media experiences. While there is no required textbook for this class, students are expected to write and continually revise their writing. Good writers benefit from having conversations about their work-in-progress, understanding that they will change their minds many times in the course of writing. Students are discouraged from writing papers the day before they’re due because, as a writing strategy, it precludes the pleasure of hard won discovery that arises from thinking about how to articulate ideas for yourself and for others.


This course has no prerequisites.


“24 Hours” notes 50 (5%)
“24 Hours” paper 100 (10%)
Media Analysis paper 200 (20%)
Media Analysis revision 100 (10%)
Interview transcripts 100 (10%)
Media Research paper 250 (25%)
Class engagement 100 (10%)
Writing advisor engagement 100 (10%)

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Fall 2014
Learning Resource Types
Written Assignments with Examples