CMS.300 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Videogame Studies

Lecture Notes

These are lecture notes written and used by the professor for her in-class lectures. These were written for a prior version of the class, and adapted to this course. The session numbers and topic names reflect a previous version of the course, even though the content is the same.

1 Play (PDF)
2 Play & Games (PDF)
3 Digital Environments & Games (PDF)
4 Cybertexts (PDF)
5 Unwritten Rules (PDF)
6 Cheating (PDF)
Catch Up Class Agency/Narrative (PDF)
8 Immersion (PDF)
9 Types of Players—Motivation (PDF)
10 Types of Players—Causal v. Hardcore (PDF)
11 Identity Building (PDF)
12 Identity Construction (PDF)
13 Fictional Worlds (PDF)
14 Narrative Spaces (PDF)
15 Simulations (PDF)
15 Performance (PDF)
16 Persuasive Games/Values in Systems (PDF)
17 Games Aesthetics (PDF)
18 Formal Aspects of Games (PDF)
19 Games and Violence (PDF)
20 Game Journalism (PDF)

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