Advanced Topics

When you sign-up for an advanced topic you have two main responsibilities.

The first is to present a brief overview of the readings - highlighting key ideas and arguments by the authors-and then guide some discussion around the subject. Your overview shouldn’t be more than 10–15 minutes long (you are welcome to use something like Keynote / PowerPoint or not) and it shouldn’t just repeat what the readings say but highlight what you find as key conceptual issues and provocations. Think of it as analysis vs. simply description. If you want to draw on additional outside readings to help flesh out or situate your overview that is also certainly welcome.

After your overview you should prepare a way to get everyone involved in a discussion about the issues. This can be a group discussion where you have some key questions prepared to get things moving or some small group exercise to help people dig into the material more.

It is the responsibility of everyone to come prepared to engage and not just expect the advanced topic leader to do a song and dance.

Advanced Topic Schedule

3 Risk and Crime
5 Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality
6 Ontology and Agency
9 Studying Up
10 Reciprocity
11 Generalization

Ethics Assignment (due Session 2)

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Technique Write-ups (#1 due Session 6, #2 due Session 10)

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Final Paper (due two days after Session 12)

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