Because it can be difficult to describe and analyze such an abstract concept as sound, some of the reading for this class will be more philosophical and/or challenging in argument, content, or style than you may be used to, though potentially more rewarding as well. I have tried to balance some of this more demanding reading with more accessible texts. Please be aware that none of the reading is optional.

Required Texts

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Soundscapes: Prehistorical, Architectural, Urban, and Industrial

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Aural Media Communities I: Stethoscope through Phonograph

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Listen to Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville's phonautograph recordings at These are the earliest audio recordings, made circa 1860 and recovered in 2008.

Listen to Volta Laboratory Associates' experimental disc recordings, which are among the earliest disc recordings, made 1880–85 and recovered in 2011. Available at Early Sound Recording Collection and Sound Recovery Project: Smithsonian Institute.

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Speech, Sound Media, and the Talkies

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12 Watch The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. Directed by Fritz Lang. Black & white, 122 min. 1933.
Aural Media Communities II: Telephone—Radio-Tape

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Listen to: The War of the Worlds. Starring Orson Welles. 60 min. Mercury Theatre, 1938.


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Noise, Silence, and Sampling, from Avant-Garde to Mainstream

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Global Sonic Cultures

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Digital Audio, Piracy, and Portability
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Watch/Listen to: Kline, Phil. "Unsilent Night."