1 General Introduction to the Graduate Student Office and Lab  
2 Discussion and Review of Web Site Design and Interaction, using Java, Perl, CSS Assignment due: Form collaborative groups of three; each group will analyze two Web Sites for design, navigation, metaphor (look and feel), content and level of interactivity
3 Tour of MIT ATIC Lab and Discussion of ADA Compliance and Intellectual Property Issues  

Workshop Discussion of Student Web Galleries

Issues of Navigation and Representation in Cyberspace Versus Real World

Image Manipulation and "Reality" in Photography


Assignment due: Reserve digital still cameras for visual narrative

Assignment due: Personal visual narrative and web gallery

Assignment due: Web gallery for visual narrative

5 Tour of Exhibits at List Visual Art Center or MIT Museum  
6 Discussion of Interactive Art Exhibits  
7 Workshop Review of Student Soundscapes

Assignment due: Student soundscapes

Assignment due: Workshop review of student soundscapes


8 Tutorials on Digital Video Editing Software and Flash  

Game Mechanics and Design, Location-based Projects

Discussion of Location-based Storytelling Using Handheld Devices in the History Unwired Project in Venice

10 Workshop Review of Video Assignment

Assignment due: Brief digital video

Assignment due: Finalize end-of-semester collaborative project idea

11 Review Proposals for Final Project  
12 Final Project Development Time and Private Conferences  
13-14 Workshop Review of Final Projects