lec # TOPICS
1 Introduction

Neutron Activation Analysis Fundamental Concepts
2 Gamma Detection - Instrumentation Principles

Neutron Activation Analysis - Applications: Trace Element Analysis of Geological, Biological and Environmental Materials

Presentation and Report assignment (one per student): Epithermal, Delayed Neutron, Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis
3 Experimental Procedures

Hands-on Experience with Sample Preparation
4 Hands-on Experience with Gamma Spectrometer in MIT-EAPS INAA Laboratory

Trace Element Analysis by Neutron Activation Analysis - A Case Study of Environmental Samples Using the Instruments

12.091 Review Assignment  hand out
5 Trace Element Analysis - Student's Presentations

Trace Element Geochemistry -
Examples of Applications:
Mineralogy and Petrology,
Geological Studies done using MIT-EAPS INAA Laboratory

Summary and Conclusions